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Tenacious Ventures Corporate Production Services

At Tenacious Ventures, we specialize in elevating corporate communication through high-quality production services. Our offerings are designed to enhance employee engagement, streamline internal communications, and foster a vibrant company culture. Here’s how our services can transform your corporate events and trainings:


Monthly All-Hands Meetings

Frequency: Company-wide, Every Month
Value: These regular meetings are a cornerstone for maintaining ongoing engagement and morale among your employees. They serve as a platform for company updates, celebrating milestones, and reinforcing your corporate vision. By professionally producing these events, you ensure a polished and engaging experience that reinforces team unity and keeps everyone aligned with company goals.

Department All Hands

Frequency: Department-specific, Every Quarter
Value: Focused departmental shows provide a tailored space for teams to delve into specific projects, challenges, and departmental achievements. These productions foster a sense of belonging and appreciation within departments, enhancing team efficiency and collaboration.

Leadership Development

Frequency: Quarterly
Value: Our expertly crafted leadership training videos are essential tools for developing your management team. They not only equip leaders with necessary skills but also ensure consistency in leadership styles across the company, aligning everyone with your corporate ethos.

Investor / Analyst Day

Frequency: Annually
Value: A professionally produced Investor Day presentation can significantly impact your company’s perception among investors and stakeholders. It’s an opportunity to showcase growth, future plans, and stability, thereby strengthening investor confidence.

Annual Company Meeting

Frequency: Once per Year
Value: This flagship event is crucial in setting the tone for the year ahead. A high-quality production emphasizes the significance of the occasion, boosts morale, and serves as a powerful tool for reflecting on past successes while gearing up for future challenges.

Training Videos

Frequency: As Needed
Value: Custom training videos are a cost-effective and efficient way to standardize training across the company. They ensure consistent knowledge transfer, are accessible on demand, and can significantly reduce your training costs over time.

The Tenacious Ventures Difference

Our productions are not just events; they're tools that drive your company forward.

By partnering with Tenacious Ventures you are fostering a stronger company culture, improving internal communication, and creating a work environment that not only retains talent but also attracts new recruits.

Revolutionize Your Corporate Productions with Our AR Virtual Production System

Welcome to the cutting-edge realm of Augmented Reality (AR) at Tenacious Ventures, where we bring your corporate productions to life like never before. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, we create immersive 3D environments that transform ordinary presentations & productions into extraordinary experiences.

Imagine holding your meeting on the moon, discussing strategies in a serene forest, or presenting your latest innovation on a bustling airstrip.

Additionally, our technology bridges physical distances by bringing in remote speakers into this 3D space, fostering a sense of closeness and interaction as if everyone is present in the same room.

Onsite Live Interactive Production

Your Complete Live Event Solution

At Tenacious Ventures, we specialize in delivering end-to-end on-site live production services tailored to your needs. From corporate offices to event venues, our team brings the full suite of professional production equipment right to your doorstep.

All-Inclusive Production Gear

Our comprehensive service includes everything from high-quality lighting and camera setups to crystal-clear audio systems, advanced video switchers, and effective communication systems. We ensure every audio and video element of your show is captured with precision and broadcast quality, whether for an in-person audience or live webcast.

Hybrid Live Interactive Productions

Pioneering Live Interactivity Since 2009

Welcome to Tenacious Ventures, where we blend innovation with expertise to create unparalleled hybrid live interactive productions. As industry leaders since 2009, we specialize in orchestrating complex, interactive shows that connect the globe—and beyond.

Worldwide Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities

Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating video feeds from across the world, offering a truly global platform for your events. Be it connecting remote offices for corporate events, enhancing concerts with global audience interaction, or bringing together disparate events into a cohesive experience, we do it all.

From Outer Space to Your Space

We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Highlighting our capabilities, we’ve successfully conducted a groundbreaking production with NASA, pulling in three live video feeds from the moon during the Orion space capsule’s orbit. This is just one example of our ability to turn the extraordinary into reality.

Seamless Integration, Worldwide Reach

At Tenacious Ventures our specialty lies in creating fully remote productions that are not just seamless but also engaging and dynamic. Whether it’s broadcasting live feeds from around the world or mixing together a complex, multi-location event, our studio is equipped to handle it all with finesse. With state-of-the-art technology and a keen eye for detail, we ensure every production is of the highest quality, no matter where participants are located.

Unmatched Reliability and Redundancy

In the world of live virtual events, reliability is key. That’s why our studio and processes are designed with multiple layers of redundancy. This attention to detail means we’re always prepared to adapt and respond to any challenge, ensuring your event runs smoothly and giving you complete peace of mind.

Enhancing Corporate Communications

Our remote virtual productions are perfect for bringing together remote workforces, enhancing corporate productions, and adding substantial value to company meetings. We specialize in creating engaging environments that foster a sense of unity and culture within your organization, regardless of physical location.

Versatile Studio for Diverse Productions

Our studio is not just a space; it’s a hub of advanced technology. With top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that every aspect of your production.

Our studio features a unique three-sided cyclorama (cyc) wall, offering a versatile backdrop for a wide range of production needs. Whether you are looking to produce compelling films, engaging commercials, or dynamic live multi-camera productions, our studio is equipped to handle it all.

Transformative Spaces for Creative Freedom

The cyc wall in our studio is adaptable to the specific needs of your project:
Classic White Cyc Wall: Ideal for traditional film and commercial productions, providing a clean, infinite background that makes your subjects stand out.
Green Cyc Wall for Augmented Reality: For productions that push the boundaries of creativity, we can transform the cyc wall into a green screen. This setup is perfect for advanced augmented reality virtual productions, utilizing the power of Unreal Engine and our sophisticated camera tracking system to create immersive, dynamic environments.

Commercial Production

Tenacious Ventures is your go-to production company for premium commercial production. We specialize in creating high-end commercials, films, and corporate videos.

Our commitment is to bring your vision to life with our state-of-the-art equipment and a team of seasoned professionals.

Our State-of-the-Art Studio is Your Creative Playground

Our studio in Seattle stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. It is fully equipped with the latest in production technology,

Our On-Site Production Services...We Come to You

Understanding the uniqueness of each project, we offer on-site production services that cater to your specific needs.

Our creative laser focused team is equipped to travel to your chosen location, bringing along top-tier talent and production gear to ensure the highest quality output.

Comprehensive AV Solutions for Any Event

  • Live Multi-Camera Production: Capture every moment with our high-quality, multi-camera setups, ensuring dynamic and engaging coverage of your event.
  • Advanced Lighting Systems: Illuminate your event with our versatile lighting solutions, perfect for creating the right ambiance and highlighting key moments.
  • Crystal Clear Audio Delivery: From speeches to performances, our top-tier audio systems ensure every word and note is heard with pristine clarity.
  • Robust Communication Systems: Keep your team connected with our advanced communication systems, capable of supporting up to 35 people with multiple party lines for seamless coordination.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, a live performance, or any significant event, Tenacious Ventures is equipped to provide the AV support you need.

Explore Our Diverse Inventory

Our vast selection of state-of-the-art equipment is designed to cater to a variety of event needs, ensuring that no matter your vision, we have the tools to bring it to life. Some highlights from our advanced gear include:

  • High-Quality Video Cameras: Capture every moment with our professional-grade video cameras, offering exceptional clarity and reliability.
  • PTZ Robotic Cameras: Perfect for capturing dynamic, high-quality footage with precision and flexibility.
  • Advanced Communication Systems: Facilitate seamless coordination with up to 12 party lines, ensuring your team stays connected throughout the event.
  • Video Switchers: Manage multiple feeds effortlessly for a polished, professional broadcast experience.
  • Audio Gear: From powerful PA systems to crystal-clear microphones, our audio equipment guarantees impeccable sound quality.
  • Lighting Solutions: Transform your venue with our range of lighting equipment, setting the perfect mood and ambiance.
  • Presentation Support: Enhance speaker presentations with our monitors, screens, laptops and clickers, ensuring smooth, engaging presentations.

Why Choose Tenacious Ventures for Equipment Rentals?

It is quite simple, we provide world class Quality Assurance and Expert Support!